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Team – Yasemin Boyraz, Benjamin Bender, Lars Kempin, Niklas Rieger, Nico Polzin was a spontaneous idea for a non-profit website by 5 friends in the Corona crisis. The principle of direct help, quickly explained and uncomplicated, channels the need in times of shutdown to show solidarity. And to do so with all those who have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. In addition to the high-risk groups, these are also all those who are always there for us when public life is not in an artificial coma. We're talking about our favorite stores: stores that we love to show to others, regardless of neighborhood, city or industry. Where we have our second living room. These stores are having a particularly hard time right now. Sales have collapsed virtually overnight.

But the costs for personnel, rent and goods are still there. Emergency aid from the state and short-time work have to be applied for. That takes time. And reserves are often not available due to the low margins. Money for vouchers, sent via the PayPal.Me link of the respective retailer, on the other hand, is available from one moment to the next and provides short-term breathing space. Of course, the sums are often only symbolic or micro payments at best. But, as we all know, small fry make a mess. It was important to us that we set the hurdle very low. That's why our offer is free of charge for retailers and PayPal is the default transaction platform.

For a fast implementation we relied on technology like React and existing components from Material UI
The heart of Wowshare. The full text search.
The profile page incl. coupon button informs about the location and the products of a store.
Illustrations for website and social media by Yasemin Boyraz
Illustrations for website and social media by Yasemin Boyraz

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