The job platform for freelancers

My Job  –  Co-Founder, Branding & UI Design
Team – Mike Kotsch, Sven Schmidt, Jesús Espejo is the platform for freelancers who want to find suitable jobs and also expand their network. I founded, designed and completely built this portal with 4 friends. Through the long experience as a self-employed I was very quickly aware of the needs of freelancers and clients:

Transparency and availability are the most important info to lead jobs to freelancers or freelancers to companies. We have managed this with Bettertalk under our own steam and without outside investment.

In the freelancer search companies could look for available and suitable creatives
Not only companies could find freelancers, but also advertise jobs. Thus, freelancers could also apply for jobs.
The algorithm matched advertised jobs with available freelancers and made contact automatically.
Simple pricing was planned for companies. There was a subscription model with an infinite number of job ads. Or each ad was billed individually.

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