Scopes driven by Porsche

My Job – UI Design & Art Direction
Artist –  Rik Oostenbroek
Agency – Grabarz & Partner

Places of encounter, knowledge, and personal exchange: With "SCOPES driven by Porsche," the sports car manufacturer has created a live event format for young, urban target groups in global metropolises such as Berlin, Amsterdam, and Tokyo. Creative companies and partners design a stage for exhibitions, panels, debates and workshops focusing on art, technology, live music or fashion.

In addition, there are brand-typical topics such as innovation, design and connectivity, which are designed by Porsche experts from Stuttgart. So many events have to be organized. For this, I developed a progressive web app in collaboration with Grabarz & Partner, through which all visitors can secure their ticket, browse all events and organize them.

You can see the arcūs of Rik Oostenbroek on the start page of the Progressive Web App
Impressions – Scopes Berlin.  Copyrights @bergstrvm // @simbayu
The Scopes ticket is saved in the visitor's own profile and can be scanned at the entrance. In addition, each visitor can save their events
Impressions – Scopes Berlin.  Copyrights @scopes_drivenbyporsche // @anjadotter
Parts of the app as an overview

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